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The Importance of Newborn Photography | Sydney Photographer

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

There is nothing more magical (or exhausting) than a newborn baby.

Your world is turned upside down, with everyone adjusting to a new normal, feeding schedules, nap times, bubbas that just don’t want to be put down, and mums, dads (and grandmas) that are more than happy to oblige.

The nights seem to drag on forever with feeds, bringing up wind and settling, and the days seem to fly past as suddenly you realise it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pyjamas. Then one day you pick up your favourite onesie and as you do up the buttons you realise that this may just be the last time you get to squeeze bubba into it and you wish desperately that you’d bought it in all the sizes.

You look at your baby and realise that they’ve grown, that their tiny fingers are no longer curled into tight fists and that they are starting to take on the features of members of the family that you couldn’t see before. It is at this very moment that your heart skips a beat and you beg for time to stop, reverse, go back and give you your tiny squish back. We all know though that this isn't the way it works, so the best that you can hope for are some beautiful memories of the time and some gorgeous images captured of your tiniest person at their sleepy, squishy best.

This is where we come in.

Newborn photography isn’t just about taking a couple of shots of your baby when he or she is born, putting them away and never looking at them again. Newborn photography captures just how incredible your little human is, it's about giving you something to look back on and to help you remember just how tiny your bubba was at a time when you were so incredibly tired and everyday passed in a blur.

Newborn photography is about capturing fleeting moments, the emotion of a father holding his son or daughter, it’s moments where a big sister gently kisses her new baby brother, or where the family sit on the couch together and have a few minutes peace and quiet. It’s making sure that there is always a moment in time to look back on.

Don’t let time slip away, the saying is cliché but it is very true “they are only little for a little while”, invest in your memories, have them captured, display them on your walls, share them with your family and friends, most importantly make sure that there is always a way to remember your tiny bubba in their favourite jumpsuit.

Fleeting moments, captured...

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