Investing in Newborn Photography | Sydney Photographer

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Jump on any local mums and bub's Facebook group and you’ll find an abundance of requests asking for recommendations for a newborn photographer. Underneath the request post you will see hundreds of replies with phrases like “my friend Kelly did ours, I’ll send you her number”, or “Jo over at Jo’s Photography is great, and she’s just starting out in photography so her pricing is really reasonable”

Now think about this, you’re going to invite Kelly or Jo to come into your home and you’re going to hand over the absolute most precious thing in the world, yep, just hand over your baby to someone that you’ve never met. Think about that statement again.

They come with a Facebook recommendation which is a great start. You saw some images on their Facebook Page, they looked ok. They didn't seem to have a website. But, they did come with a recommendation so we're good right?!

What kind of experience does Kelly have handling babies do you think, she seems kind of young. Jo is more mature, but she's only just starting out. Hmmm, the price is too good to pass up, right?

When my husband wants to buy an item he researches it for hours, weighs up options, reads reviews, compares prices, quality - you know the drill. And it's usually just a TV or a new car.

Doesn't it stand to reason then that when choosing a person to handle and capture such important images of the most precious thing in your world that you weigh up similar options. Not just price.

What happens if Kelly (remember she’s the buddy who said she’d bring her camera and snap a few shots for $100) has only captured one other baby and doesn’t have the experience to wrap and pose the baby safely, what if she’s recovering from a cold, hasn't had her Whooping Cough immunisation, or what if she swaddles your precious bundle too tightly or places the baby into a position that looks great but in actual fact is dangerous if held for too long? Is it really worth the risk?