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newborn photography

Preparing for your newborn session

It's bub's time to shine

Babies are adorable, but they take up lots of time, and it can be a little overwhelming in the first couple of weeks. 

To make your newborn portraits as stress free as possible we have put together a handy list to ensure you get the most out of your session.

What to expect?!

Preparing for your newborn session

Thank you for choosing de lumière to capture this incredibly special time in your lives.

Please take the time to read through these tips and suggestions to ensure you get the most out of your session and the finished photography pieces you envisioned.

Together we'll capture some gorgeous moments that I just know you will love and share.

newborn photographer

Tips for your baby portraits

In our experience, most people haven't spent a lot of time in front of a camera and it can be an intimidating prospect! On top of that you may be brand new parents adjusting to life with a newborn or busy parents doing it all over again.

So to make things easier we came up with a list of handy tips to make the lead up to your newborn photography session as stress free as possible - because who needs more to worry about when you have a new baby?!

newborn photographer

Choosing a location for your session

We are mobile photographers and most of our families choose to have the shoot in the comfort of their home or in some cases, even at the hospital before they head home.

Newborn babies are best photographed indoors where we can control the room temperature and lighting. We also capture newborn portrait sessions outdoors on location, it's totally up to you!

Have a look through our portfolio to help you decide what kind of session you are looking for.

candid image of parents bonding with newborn

On the day of the shoot – your preparations and what to expect

Babies typically photograph best in the mornings so we usually start at around 10am, leaving three hours for the session so there is time to relax, settle baby, get shots with parents, siblings, grandparents, dog (you get the idea) and not be rushed.

It's super important that you enjoy the session and that your little one is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, so we aim to work around bub's feeding schedule - a milk drunk baby is a happy baby!!

We have worked with hundreds of bubs and have years of experience under our belt. At all times baby will be safe and you can rest assured we have infinite patience.

Simple baby clothes photograph the best, a Bonds onesie or a favourite cute outfit gifted by grandma is perfect for the parent and family photos. We bring wraps and knitted props for the styled portion of the session with bub.

If possible we like to photograph in the nursery with all of the precious baby items and décor, so try to have it clutter free so it will look amazing in your photos. Otherwise a master bedroom works really well, or large area with soft natural light, that we will keep warm with a small heater.

We will bring everything else that we need for the session, wraps, props etc - it may feel a little like we are moving in but we take it all with us at the end. If you have seen something in particular that you would like to use please let us know prior so we can come prepared, or any colours that you really don't like!!  

On the day
newborn photographer


If you have older children we would love to include them in the shoot. To get the best out of your kids on the day, we capture them at the beginning of the session to ensure that they remain engaged and happy.

Bribes - motivational items are awesome, but sticky lollies, chocolate and messy food items aren't! We don't want hangry kids, so please try and feed the older kids before we arrive, and have some non-messy snacks on hand. 

Toys - we totally encourage your little ones to include their blankie or any special toys as a memory as well as a comforting item for them during the shoot.



We invite you to include your special family pets in your photos.

Have treats on hand so we can use them as needed. We will be guided by you as to the personality of your pet and how to best handle them during the session.

in home newborn photography

Clothing, Fashion & Styling

When it comes to dressing for the day, think about what you will still love in years to come when you look at your photos on your walls or flicking through your albums.

We recommend cool comfortable clothing and accessories that reflect your style. In our experience, neutral colours and tones that aren't heavily patterned photographs nicely.

For the ladies, great looks can be denim jeans, neutral pants or skirts paired with a plain blouse or t-shirt. Maxi dresses can look great but make sure they are more fitted or you wear a belt as flowing dresses can often make you appear larger in photos than you really are. Clothes that show your shape are the best for photography.

For the men a polo shirt is a dressy option or for a more casual look a singlet or t-shirt. Try to avoid business shirts as the collars are stiff and can get in the way when snuggling with a newborn. Cargos, shorts and jeans are always good options for the guys.

For both parents, singlets or camisoles can be great if you are wanting some bare photos of baby as skin to skin is always gorgeous.

For little girls, dresses are always a favourite. Tutus and fairy wings can be fun as little girls usually love to dress up.

For little boys jeans and collared shirts are a great look. Include extras such as vests, hats, bow ties and braces just for fun.

Give some time and thought to your look for yourself and your family members. It’s really important you love your look so that you will love your photos.

what to wear
newborn photographer

After the Session – Presentation of your Images

In the days after the session, our artistic team will be editing and putting the final touches on your beautiful gallery of images. There are many hours (sometimes up to 50 hours) involved in the post production processes and we are thorough - ensuring that all of our images are presented perfectly.

Your gallery of printable images will be ready for an online viewing within about 2 weeks after the session.

Your online gallery is private, though once you login you will be able to share the gallery with friends and family.

Be warned you will be looking at a large number of images as we always get carried away!

Displaying and Sharing your Art Pieces

We have many options to turn your digital portraits into pieces everyone will admire – from custom-made books, large matted prints, to Christmas cards and beautiful wall frames for your home and office spaces.

It's a good idea to think about and discuss where you would like to place your photographs throughout your home before the session.

Refer to our Portrait Guide for an extensive list of keepsake options available.

If you have chosen an album or framed prints - as they are handmade and because we take the utmost care with your keepsakes - they will take about 6 weeks to complete after approval of the final design. Once the items are complete we will check, package and contact you to organise delivery.

Your printable images will be available to download directly from the gallery, regard your gallery as an online backup, we advise though that you download the images to an external hard drive for safe keeping.

After the session

Things to consider

We want you to be able to have gorgeous keepsakes as well as having the digital files - you can't walk past your USB framed on the wall each day and smile as you remember how cute your little person was! So we have interest free payment plans available - just ask!

We accept Paypal, direct transfer and cash payments. All orders must be paid for in full before they are put into production.


Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your photography! 

things to conside
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