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de lumière, pet photography


Unique, gorgeous pet portraits, because pets are family too.

Our studio is located in the
Blue Mountains right behind Selwood Vets - super handy



Heya!!! My name is Bram and I'm a Whippet. My breed is notorious for being super anxious and new experiences frighten me so I move around a lot. My lead stayed on for most of the shoot which made me much more comfortable.

Sarah made me super relaxed, she had treats AND toys to play with, and mum was allowed to stay close. She even used some kind of magic to make my lead disappear in Photoshop. 

I mean I look like a model right? She even captured my best side.

So...take your big brown puppy dog eyes and plead with your Mum to ring Sarah and book a session now!

Celebrate your fur baby with personality-soaked images



Book your session

Connect with us.



This is the fun part!!!


viewing & ordering

Choose your favourites.


Artwork Delivery

Smile, all day, everyday

Unique, gorgeous images you will want to hang on your walls


All inclusive options, no hidden costs, just wall worthy artworks

Dog in Action
The Brag

  • Three 5x7 inch Art Mounts

  • Two 10x8 inch Art Mounts

  • The five printable digital images used above

  • Complimentary social media files


The Grand
  • One 16x24 Framed Print or Wooden Art Piece

  • Three 5x7 inch Art Mounts

  • Ten printable digital images

  • Complimentary social media files


The Luxe
  • Three 5x7 inch Art Mounts

  • Two 10x8 inch Art Mounts

  • One 16x24 inch Framed Print or Wooden Art piece

  • All printable digital files from the session

  • Complimentary social media files


Custom Session
  • Not sure which collection to choose?

  • Rather purchase a single item from our a la carte menu?

  • Reserve your session for just $49

  • Spend over $500 and we will refund the retainer.


A La Carte menu also available, just ask!

Pop Up Pet Portraits Fundraiser de lumiere photography web.jpg


Artisan sessions are offered periodically throughout the year with a specific theme (Christmas for example). These exclusive appointments are offered to our Very Important Pups customers first - so get your VIP on the list!

wall art with sample family for web.jpg

Showcasing your


Deciding on what to print and where to place them in your home can be overwhelming.​


Do you have a large blank wall to fill? Or are you looking for smaller pieces to stand alone on bookshelves or on a desk at work.

Whatever your needs we can facilitate the entire process. From measurement to design, printing and even hanging.

We're here to help.


So sit back, relax, and have a look around!

Wall Gallery Sample

Your very own art display that'll make you smile all day, everyday

Reggie Pawtrait Session 037.jpg

Reggie thinks you should...


  • My dog is a little nervous, excitable, shy - I'm worried he won't cooperate"
    Never fear, I have a Whippet who HATES new situations, and a Rough Collie X who is SUPER excitable, so I am all over the slightly neurotic dogs. I have toys AND treats (I will always check with you before delivering treats), along with loads of patience. If you are still unsure, why not pop into the studio to have a look at the space and I can show you around? Give me a call first to make sure that I will be there - 0400 111 904
  • I prefer the outdoors, do you offer other sessions?"
    Oh yes!! Did you see the Sample Wall Display? The gorgeous Lee family requested family photos, which included a blended family AND all their pups. The Pawtrait Studio has access to gorgeous gardens, Lawson has an amazing offleash dog park where I often take my clients, and Yarramundi Reserve is an offleash area on the River which is AMAZING.
  • How many dogs can be in the shoot?
    All the dogs from a single household can be in a session, I have captured eight gorgeous cavaliers for their Mumma! Please let me know when booking if you have multiple pups so that we can organise a slighty longer session to accomodate.
  • Can I be in the photos too?
    Of course! I love capturing pets and their humans, please let me know when booking that you would like to be a part of the session and we can have a chat about how to best cater to your needs.
  • Do you only photograph dogs?
    Nope! I have captured horses, cats, chickens, rabbits, and bearded dragons to name just a few. Each and every animal has their own particular qualities and needs, so when you get in touch just pop your pets breed into the notes. This way when I get in touch, I will prepared with the all correct information.
  • How does the process work?
    The first step is taking a peek around the website and deciding that you want to work with me (Sarah)! If you do, simply book your session here. If you have some questions first, get in touch here. Once your session is booked, we will schedule a pre-session consultation. This is a phone meeting in which we will choose a date and time of our session, and plan all of the little details. At our session, your dog's only job is to be itself! Even if that means your pup is barking at all the things! Not a worry. I guarantee we will create gorgeous images. Approximately 1-2 weeks after our session, we will organise an online meeting by Zoom. In non-pandemic times we would meet at my home studio in Hazelbrook. At our virtual viewing and ordering appointment, we will go over all of your images, choose your favorites, eat chocolate, and finalise your order together. Your files will then be moved into production and produce gorgeous custom artwork that you will love for a lifetime. Each time you glance at them on the wall you will be reminded of the joy that your furry best friends bring you.
  • Do I have to choose a collection now?
    Nope! While it's helpful to have an idea of which collection you are interested in when booking your session, you don't have to make any final decisions until the viewing and ordering appointment when you see all of your final images!
  • We're ready to book! How do we proceed?
    Woo hoo!! You can get intouch by clicking here. Can't wait to meet you.
  • Where are you located?
    The Pawtrait Studio is located in the back garden of Selwood Veterinary Clinic, and can be accessed by parking in the Hazelbrook Station Car Park and entering through the back gate.
Ruben The Pet Health Hub Testimonial de lumiere photography web.jpg

Don't just take our word for it...

41 Railway Parade, Hazelbrook NSW 2779

Behind Selwood Veterinary Clinic

0400 111 904


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