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de lumiere photography referral program

Tell a friend!

Cashing in on your buddies has never been easier or so rewarding. 

Refer a friend (or even better, many friends), earn credits towards your own session and your friend receives at gift too.


Win win!!

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Thank you!

We owe a great deal of thanks to so many of our wonderful clients

It's no secret that being in business is hard work, but staying in business in a world full of fancy iPhone cameras and filters is even harder.


We owe a great deal of thanks to  our wonderful clients who continuously send their loved ones our way when they are searching for someone to capture their extra special moments or even to update their present-day family photos. 


It is with this in mind that we would like to introduce de lumière's brand new referral program.

de lumiere photography referral program

Friends with benefits

Cashing in on your buddies has never been easier or as rewarding. 

Here's how it works...


Our existing clients refer a friend/ family member/distant long lost relative (twice-removed), some random person, anybody really, to book, pay for and proceed with a photography session with de lumière and we'll give the referrer a $25.00 de lumière credit that they can use when booking towards a future portrait session. 

We said that your loved one would also receive a gift. How does a mounted 5x7 inch de lumière print of their choice from their session with us.


There's no cap either so you can just keep referring people (who then book, pay for and proceed with their booking) and keep building credits towards your own session. 


Cashing in on your buddies has never been so easy or so great, it's actually a win-win-win, they get to come and experience a de lumière photo session for themselves, you get credits towards your next full session, and we get to meet more gorgeous families.


de lumiere photography referral program

The Fine Print

Of course, like everything there's

some fine print...

  1. The referred client must be a new client to de lumière

  2. The credits will only be applied to new bookings (they are not applicable to previous referrals)

  3. The referred client must mention who referred them upon booking

  4. If they have been referred by multiple parties, the first person mentioned will get the credit

  5. Credits will be applied once the new clients booking is complete and paid in full

  6. Credits are not transferable and can only be used towards photography sessions (not prints)

  7. Credits cannot be applied retrospectively, or given as refunds

  8. Credits and gifts cannot be exchanged for cash

  9. Referrer credits can only be applied toward a full portrait session (not mini sessions - sorry)

  10. On the bright side, credits do not expire   

Join the de lumière referral program

Cash in on your friends. Sign up below to ensure that you don't miss out on the rewards.

* By subscribing to our program you agree to receive email from us. We will not sell or pass on your subscription details to a third party unless required to do so by law. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Welcome to the program!

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