Pretty in Pink - Newborn Portrait Session // Sydney Photographer

Updated: Jan 5

This gorgeous newborn portrait session will warm your heart.

Jasmine surprised her parents by arriving two weeks early, but she is already much loved. Her grandparents are besotted (scroll down to see how excited they are!), and the family pup is curious about the newest family member.

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What is the best time for newborn photos?

So you want to book a newborn photo shoot, but you have no idea when the best time is. How long does that newborn stage last exactly? There is no exact time frame, in fact we have captured baby's up until about four weeks of age, it's never too late!

7 to 10 days is our ideal age for a newborn portrait session as babies this age are pretty chilled, sleep most of the time (with 3am feeds being the exception!) and curl up easily in those gorgeous poses. While newborn smiles are not conscious yet, as new babies fall asleep they tend to grimace and pull faces that look just like a grin! Once bub hits two weeks old they tend to be more alert, and outgrow that fragile newborn look.