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You have a gallery of precious Wedding Moments...what now?

What a whirlwind!! Your wedding day has come and gone in a heartbeat, the honeymoon was a blast, the presents opened, and you're settling into life as a married couple.

The memories from the special day are starting to fade, and the beautifully packaged USB from your wedding photographer has been sitting on the office desk for a couple of weeks now. So how do you preserve those amazing wedding moments?

We have some ideas that might just help!

Thank you Notes

Following all the excitement of a wedding day, taking a moment to pause and thank all of your guests for spending the day with you will be a priority. Why not choose one of your favourite moments from the day, or even the group shot to print on a card as a thank you?

Grandma will cherish it, and Aunty Shaz will totally pin that card to her fridge.

They happen to make wonderful gifts

There are so many people that help to make a wedding day run seamlessly, from your bestie who helped hand punch the eco-confetti, to the Aunties who created the wedding bouquets, or the boys who lugged ALL those cartons of craft-beer to the venue, you will be looking for gift ideas to thank them all.

How about a framed print for your bff?! A mini parent album is the perfect gift for Mum and Dad. And the boys would have a chuckle receiving a beer holder with their faces on it.

There are so many fun ideas for quirky gifts.

Frame your Favourites - make a photo wall

If you have just bought your first home together then you will have some blank walls to fill, the perfect canvas to showcase all those gorgeous images sitting on your USB (go on, grab it off the desk and narrow down your favourites now).

Maybe you have been together for years and have walls full of memories. Well....it's time for an update! Get some of those amazing moments up on your wall for your visitors to admire, and your kids to giggle over in future years.

First Anniversary Gift

Before you know it a year will have passed, and you'll be celebrating your first wedding anniversary. A special occasion deserves a special gift don't you think? And as the traditional gift for a one year anniversary is paper, is there anything more appropriate than a wedding album?

Immortalise your memories with a Wedding Album

The wedding only lasts a few hours but the photos will last for generations. A wedding album is truly an heirloom, something to pass down to your children and their children to show them where they came from.

Back them up

Making sure your precious memories are safe should be a priority.

We recommend you have your digital files backed up on a variety of platforms. Check with your photographer to ensure you understand how long the wedding gallery is available to you, and what kind of images are downloadable from the site. Are they high resolution printable files, or web sized low res images suitable only for sharing on social media.

Your USB will contain all the printable images from your day, but technology fails more than you would think, so make a backup, and then make a second backup to store offsite (take it to your Mum's place and ask her to store it in a safe place).

If you have a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, or iCloud, download and store your favourites online to be easily accessed at any time. You never know though when a computer or cloud issue might cause you to lose files, so the more places you can save your precious wedding images, the better!  

Our preferred backups are printed keepsakes. We encourage all of our clients to create tangible family heirlooms. Albums, framed prints, wall art to cherish for generations!

Making the most of your moments

Ready to take your wedding moments off your device and into real life? We know just the place to begin…

Contact us now, we'd love to chat about creating your very own works of art.

Not your average wedding photographers

Opting for professional photography to capture the raw beauty of your wedding day is one of the best investments you can make.

Wedding photography follows trends, just like fashion does. What might be ‘in season’ this year will be out of style in years to come. Remember the 80s? Need we say more? A de lumière photographer will focus on what will matter to you in years to come rather than this year’s hottest photography trend.

We’re there to observe and document your wedding day and treat you to award-winning photography that brings out your personality.

Enquire now!

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