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Choosing a Newborn Photographer // Sydney

choosing a newborn photographer

Are you preparing to welcome a beautiful new addition to your family?

Perhaps your first baby or maybe it's your last. If you are considering having professional newborn photographs taken, then this article is a must read.

With so many amazing photographers to choose from it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect professional photographer.

Babies are only tiny for such a short time, so it's important to choose a someone that will capture those precious moments exactly the way you envision.

how do i choose a newborn photographer

Highly styled? Or raw and unposed?

Selecting the right photographer starts with choosing a style.

Each and every photographer has a style, some like Anne Geddes are incredibly well known and have a very distinct style. Others have a simpler style allowing the images to almost make themselves, a documentary of a moment in time.

So which images are you drawn to? Do you find yourself making pinterest boards of highly styled, posed images? Or something a little more raw and unposed.

A styled session will take place in a studio, with props and constant lighting. After the session the images will usually be retouched and the clients presented with 10-30 gorgeous images to choose from.

A documentary or lifestyle session will take place in the client's home, using their environment to tell the story. The resulting gallery can contain up to 100 images depending on bub's mood.

Or maybe you are looking for something in between. That's where Sarah steps in.

choosing a professional newborn photographer

The baby whisperer

Sarah captures newborns with a minimum of fuss, she combines a lifestyle family session capturing real moments with the signature posing seen in our portfolio.

The session takes place in your own home, with Sarah bringing everything she needs with her for the shoot. A mini portable studio, in your own home. Toddlers especially like helping Sarah setup as there is a multitude of beanbags to jump on and fluffy rugs to snuggle in.

Typically a newborn portrait session takes up to three hours to complete (depending on bub's mood), with clients receiving their galleries of images approximately two weeks after the shoot.

how to choose a sydney newborn photographer

Why should we choose a professional baby photographer?

While all newborn photographers have to start somewhere, it is worth considering whether you are comfortable handing your precious new baby over to an amateur photographer.

There are some things to consider before deciding on a photographer:

  • What experience does the photographer have? Do they specialise in Newborn Photography and do they photograph newborn babies on a regular basis? This will give you an indication that they have greater knowledge and experience in handling your newborn baby.

  • Are they up to date with vaccinations (including Whooping Cough)?

  • Do they have a valid Working with Children check?

  • Is the photographer an actual business - registered and insured?

  • Have a look at their portfolio, are the images of a professional quality with a consistent style?

  • Can the photographer provide you with products you want? It is easy to just ask for the digital files (that's what everyone does isn't it?!). But if you don't get to printing your images, what use are they sitting on a USB in the drawer?

  • A professional photographer should offer gorgeous printed keepsakes to treasure, and display proudly. Trust me when I say that department stores cannot produce the same quality as a professions print lab.

  • Remember that this is your baby, ask all the questions!

why should we choose a professional newborn photographer
choosing a sydney newborn photographer

Invest in your memories

Professional portraits are a forever purchase, they immortalise moments that can never be re-visited.

Think for a moment about how much money you have spent on decorating the nursery, the pram, the cot, all those gorgeous little clothes. How long do you think they will last? Three months, a year?

Consider how you feel when you look though images of yourself as a baby, your parents or even your grandparents? Your babe's images will outlast every single item in their nursery, and will be cherished by future generations.

You can expect to invest anywhere from $500 - $3,000 for quality artwork and different photographers package their experience and products differently.

Remember - you get what you pay for! Hire the best photographer that you can afford.

professional newborn photography keepsakes

What next?

Opting for professional photography to capture the raw beauty of your little one’s first few days is one of the best investments you can make.

The best time to capture your newborn is within the first 14 days of their life. That’s when your newborn still confuses day and night, spoils you with the cutest facial expressions and curls up in that signature position. It’s best to plan ahead and book a tentative date while you are pregnant that we can firm up once your precious babe has arrived.

We allow up to 3 hours for your professional newborn photography session, which takes the pressure off and puts everyone at ease that we’ll get the perfect shot. We know that bub needs to feed and might decide to play up. Rest assured that years of newborn photography have turned Sarah into a baby whisperer with a magical skill to please even the fussiest of newborns.

aipp professional photographer

Sarah is an Associate member of the AIPP in Australia. The AIPP are Australia’s only Professional Photography governing body. As a member she is bound by a code of Professional Practice.

For your peace of mind Sarah is fully immunised, including a current whooping cough vaccination, and has a valid Working with Children check.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Newborn Portrait Sessions, contact us now.

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