We are Women - A Special Project - International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I was encouraged recently to tell my story and the compelling reasons behind why I am so incredibly passionate about what I do.

It's not a story that I am ready to tell - yet, but it made me stop and think about all the women and mothers that I have met over the years. How amazing each and every one of them are. How each of them have their own amazing story to tell...and an idea sparked. This spark quickly turned into a flame.

A collection of images captured by me (Sarah), partnered with words written by the women themselves.

Someday it will come together as a book, but for now each of these stories stand alone, and International Women's Day is the perfect time to launch the concept.

Wanted : Women of all ages and backgrounds

Do you have a story to tell? Do you know someone who does? I am looking to partner with women of all ages, with a diverse range of backgrounds, stories and journeys.