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Family Keepsakes // Sydney Photographer

family keepsakes sydney photographer de lumiere photography

Albums are forever

There’s no simpler way to help someone realise their impact or recall an event than to illustrate it through print. So many stories are held by every single person — even more a family — and we find that in the process of documenting them, they multiply and come alive. Too often, we don’t think to conjure up these narratives and collect those photos until it’s too late.

Whether it’s an album detailing your wedding day or a gift of memories for an ageing relative, there are many ways to put together a photo book that recognises both the milestones and the mundane.

'Photos take us back to times and places otherwise impossible to reach.'

- Artifact Uprising

It’s impossible to reflect an entire life in a book, no matter the length. However, photos will trigger sights, smells and sounds — memories, laughter and love. Each page brings a different second of their life back into focus.

This is exactly how we hope our images will be preserved and enjoyed by future generations. Little fingers should flip through the pages, there should be exclamations and joy, tears and laughter. In years to come, we hope that the cover will be worn and the pages scuffed with frequent use!

The crafting process

Our albums are bound with a seamless gutter, allowing the pages to sit flawlessly flat to do your photos justice.

They are lovingly handcrafted in Australia, by a team that won the highest accolade for the international print industry in late 2019 - so we can promise your album will be produced to world class standards.

The combination of materials used to produce your album have been carefully selected to give them the longest possible lifespan in an album today.

The pages are printed using 10 colour Epson Ultrachrome inkjet inks that have superior colour accuracy. They have been extensively tested to demonstrate archival level image stability.

The album pages are 100% cotton rag, made from cotton fibre that is inherently lignen and acid free. Cotton rag is a superior material that ensures your album will age better than those produced with paper pages derived from wood pulp.

To maximise the permanence of every album page, each is also finished with a fine Hahnemuehle archival coating.

The combination of all of these materials, along with your personal care, makes it possible for you and your family to enjoy your photos for generations to come.

We promise that your album has quality and care embedded at every level.

family keepsakes sydney photographer de lumiere photography
family keepsakes sydney photographer de lumiere photography
family keepsakes sydney photographer de lumiere photography

Telling your story

Nothing quite compares to photos that take you back in time and allow you to share those amazing moments with others. Think about the purpose and usage of the book you're creating. Is this book going to be displayed on your coffee table? Is it a gift for your parents, or do you want a robust album to be enjoyed by the little people in your lives?

Albums don't have to be chronological, focus on telling a story using details and moments paired together.

The most important thing to remember is to just do it!!

Need some inspiration? You can check out more about our Family Keepsakes here.


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