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What is the average cost of an Aussie Wedding? // Sydney Photographer

Updated: May 23, 2020

what is the average cost of a wedding?

It's your wedding day, do it your way.

Every wedding day is unique, and that means that each budget will be completely different. There are some vendors that you definitely shouldn't skimp out on, but if you have blown your budget and are looking for ways to reduce costs there are some things you can consider.

The infographic below shows the average cost of some wedding vendors based on the 2020 Easy Weddings Industry Report.

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

Where are you planning on holding your Wedding?

Couples are looking for a stress-free experience and attention to detail from their venues.

The wedding venue is the largest spend in a couple’s budget and the first supplier they will book. Couples are continuing to opt for quality over quantity when it comes to their guests and their venue spend. *

You can see that the wedding location will play a main role in the creation of your budget. Venues that are in popular areas are often more expensive than smaller venues outside of main cities (think rural barn wedding versus modern venue in downtown).

Venues also have different packages and policies that you’ll need to consider. For example, some venues might require you to use their vendors, some of which might not fit in with your budget.

It’s important to look at average costs of areas and venues before you make a final decision on where you want to get married. Make sure you have a detailed discussion with the venue(s) you’re considering so you are not surprised by any extra fees.

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

When are you planning to have your wedding day?

Wedding seasons make a big difference to costs. Depending on where you’re getting married, the “wedding season” could be different.

You can see below that Spring is the most popular season in Australia for weddings, so chances are that if you are planning on a Spring wedding you will end up paying more as there is more competition in Spring.

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

Day of the week plays a big role too. A midweek wedding can be great a way to save money, as you can see Saturday weddings are by far the most popular. We love weekdays weddings!! There is less traffic on the roads, and popular locations for bridal portraits are not as crowded, which makes our job SOOOO much easier.

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

Look at your budget and how it fits in with the venue and location you have in mind and whether you can move your wedding to another season or day of the week if you need to save on costs.

Vendors might also be able to offer you discounts for off-peak days and seasons.

Is your proposed wedding date on the list below?

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

How many people are coming?

The guests, this is surprisingly difficult for some. All I will say here is that it's your day, but the number of guests will play a large roll in where you get married (for example, there are only handful of venues that can cater for more than 500 guests), how many photographers you may need (a second photographer is handy if you are having more than 100 guests), and a large volume of guests to feed will obviously affect your budget.

91% of couples will invite less than 150 people, while 67% will invite less than 100. The average wedding will have 98 guests. The average national cost per head for a wedding venue is $156. *

Sit down together and nut out what your budget will be, find out from your parents if they are willing to contribute. A recent wedding industry survey found that more couples are paying for their own weddings in 2020 than ever before. Which in turn means that couples are choosing to get married once they already have a home, so this can add a considerable burden on a couple's savings.

Once you have an idea of how many people you want to invite you can move onto the fun stuff (Like cake tastings and trying on dresses)!!

wedding costs sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

* Source : Easy Weddings Industry Report 2020


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