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Pop-Up Pet Portraits for a Good Cause // Blue Mountains Photographer

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

At de lumière photography we are always talking about the importance of updating family portraits and capturing memories.

This applies to our furry best friends too! Sure we have loads of snaps on our phone, funny videos of the cat, or moments when the dog is just being SUPER cute. But what about a professional portrait of your best friend?! One that you can frame and display proudly on your wall.

We thought it was high time that our pets had an opportunity to shine, so along with The Pet Health Hub in Lawson we organised a Pop-Up Pet Portrait Studio.

Clients brought their pets into the store and for a donation, received a 15 minute portrait session for their, pooch, kitten, and even a rabbit! There were puppacinos for the puppies, treats, and nurses to chat with.

All proceeds from the pop-up portraits went straight to the Nepean Therapy Dogs, and together we raised over $500!

Each pet received a FREE 5x7 inch print from their session, how wonderful do they look in print?!

Pet portrait prints by de lumiere photography

Gorgeous Pet Portraits

Some of the gorgeous pets that visited us over the morning included Cedric the singing Chihuahua, Bram the Whippet, Superstar Rags the Pet Therapy Dog, Theodore the Australian Collie who was all tongue, Pugs galore, we were visited by bunnies, cats and even a bearded dragon.

Professional pet portrait Chihuahua by de lumiere photography
Professional pet portrait whippet by de lumiere photography

We received so much wonderful feedback on the portraits...

"Fantastic photos, the best dog photos I have seen!"

- Lizzie and James

"Amazing photos - thanks!"

- Helen

...that we decided to do it again!! Keep an eye out for our Pop-Up Christmas Pet Portraits.

Professional pet portrait german shepherd by de lumiere photography
Professional pet portrait australian shepherd by de lumiere photography
Professional pet portrait scruffy dog by de lumiere photography
Professional pet portrait pug by de lumiere photography

Our furry friends are family too!

On the farm, in a formal pop up studio sessions, playing at the park, frolicking in the river, protector of the newborn, or just as a treasured friend.

Wherever your pet fits into your family, celebrate their life with personality-soaked wall worthy artworks.

Check out some of the gorgeous furry friends that we have captured recently or book your session now!

Interested in Pop-up Pet Portraits for your Fundraiser?

Contact us to chat about how a Pop-Up Pet Portrait Session could help you raise money for your fundraising event.

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