Hold back the tears, it's your baby's first day of school!

As the day looms closer, and all the stores are frantically marketing their “Back to School” gear, where do you sit? What back to school category best fits you?


Miss Lexi is off to big school (pre-school) this week and first time "school mum" Ange has mixed emotions...

If you don’t have any children then this time probably doesn’t mean much except that there’s about to be a whole lot more traffic on the M4, and your current hour cruise to work during school holidays is about to be lengthened by at least another half and hour of stop-start.

Does back to school 2020 mean that your little one is starting pre-school for the first time? How do you feel about that? As a mother of a little girl about to embark on her first day of pre-school, I have mixed emotions.

I’m worried she wont fit in, or that she’ll be picked