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A Family Photography Session with the perfect Blue Mountains' Sunset

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Sometimes the light in the afternoon is just breathtaking - and today for this shoot it was certainly that! Heading to Wentworth Falls for this outdoor family portrait shoot we knew we going to be chasing some amazing light on the clifftops of the Blue Mountains.

It's days like this that we love our job just that little bit more than we already do.

Blue Mountains Family Photographer de lumiere photography

It was a bit chilly as it often is in the Blue Mountains. Despite the cooler weather, The Pitkin family were excited for some great shots and they were totally into it. Cuddling, laughing, jumping and wandering around as a family, we managed to get some beautiful shots that are going to last forever and look amazing on their walls in frames.

Our sunset shots are carefully planned out even though they look so simple. We try to find ourselves on a hilly location, this is where we will be able to capture the final moments of sunset and make the most of the golden light.

Many of our families love to travel to the Blue Mountains for their family photos. As professional family portrait photographers, we encourage this as there are a vast amount of amazing places to explore and enjoy. It is great for older children that like to have some privacy and feel comfortable that there won't be a crowd of people watching them while they have their family photos taken. Our family photographs are all about being yourselves. We want you to be able to relax so that we can capture authentic images of you.

If you are thinking about some family photography, we suggest as a family to have a good talk about and agree on the style of the family photo shoot. Think about the best photography location, time of day and what is most important to you as a family.  We are mobile photographers and we love to explore new areas or we can even come to your home.

So think about it - When was your last family photo taken? Do you even have any professional family photos? Many of our first time clients answer no this question. Don't regret not having your family photographed. The kids are never too old and nor are you for that matter!

Let's get out in the sun, let's chase some light together and create some amazing memories for you to cherish.

If you would like to chat to us or you have any questions about your family photography call us today or message us here.

You can see more of our professional family photography information and gallery here.

Our family photography packages are also available to give as a gift voucher.

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