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We are Women - A Special Project - When Memories Fade

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

A project honouring women, for women, by women

Honouring the strength and resilience of women across a diverse range of ages, stories, ethnicity and backgrounds.

A collection of images captured by Sarah from de lumière photography each partnered with a story told by the women themselves.


We are Women - Kirri, When Memories Fade

I have been friends with Kirri for a very lone time, so I know her family well.

They are close knit family, both Lindsay (Kirri's dad) and Kerrin actively participated in the lives of their grandkids and I know that Kirri used to love going to her mum when times were hard for advice or just a simple hug. Together they have helped each other through some very tough times over the years. Kirri's mother was always strong, and highly intelligent and she clearly loved her daughters fiercely. It has been incredibly hard to watch Kerrin's memory fade while her body remains strong.

I approached Kirri to ask if she and her family would participate in the We are Women project. I wanted to capture the connection that Kirri and her sister Nic have with their mother, and I invited the entire family be present at the shoot, including Kerrin's own sister. We captured so many wonderful moments that will live on, even after memories fade.

You can feel the love beaming out of these gorgeous women.

I have been watching my mother lose herself to Alzheimer’s for 13 years.

She was a very intelligent woman who was incredibly maternal, not only to her daughters, but also other things like fish and dogs.

Now, she knows we are important to her, but does not recognise who we are. She knows our names, but not that she is our mother.

Over the last few years when my sister’s husband passed away, and my own marriage fell apart, we have needed our mum. And while her body is physically here, our mother is not.

It has been tough.

Interestingly, two important traits of my mum’s personality have remained. Her desire to help (even though she no longer can) and her maternal caring nature. The moment she sees us, she still gives us a huge smile, and a lovely hug. I am so grateful for those beautiful moments, as wrenching and heart-breaking as they are.

This image captures that moment perfectly.

As her health is failing fast, these photos are even more precious. I am grateful to Sarah for capturing this for me, my father, my sister and our children. They will never know the real nana, but this beautiful smile gives them a glimpse of the amazing matriarch of our family.

Kirri - Warrior Woman and daughter of Kerrin


Women of all ages and diversity welcome!

If you would like to be a part of this project or know someone whose story needs to be told, expressions of interest can be made online or directly by email to Sarah at

I am so very grateful to each and every person/family/couple that trusts me with their story, but especially the women who bare themselves, entrusting that I will capture their story, their pain and their joy authentically.

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