Shantel and Josh's Professional Engagement Photo Shoot

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When Shantel & Josh contacted us about a pre wedding photography shoot, we were so excited to plan an amazing photography session for them in the Blue Mountains.

For our couple, their decision and motivation to book an professional engagement photography session was all about getting themselves comfortable in front of the camera and getting to know us before their big day of wedding photography.

Shantel and Josh sharing an intimate moment at the engagement photography session photograped by de lumière photography

Together, we decided on one of our favourite cliff top locations in the Blue Mountains where we were not disappointed as the cloudy afternoon put on a spectacular sunset even though the temperature was very cool.

You can see in some of our images we are sharing with you that Shantel's hair was blowing in the breeze, adding to the movement and mood of the photography. There may even have been some goose bumps but they soldiered on and really got into enjoying the experience and the camera!