Self-isolation, and COVID-19

Updated: May 13, 2020

Self isolation, quarantine, lockdown or whatever you’re calling it all means the same thing, staying well away from others for as long as it takes (as an introvert nothing much is changing for me!!).

Now we'll fully admit that we are putting a self-imposed ban on outings, sport, and visitors.

We're doing our bit to slow the spread, flatten the curve and alleviate some of the strain on our amazing medical services. It’s to try and do our part to ensure that if my immune compromised daughter, or older parents with already compromised health need access to an ICU bed that one will be available.

So apart from panic buying and stockpiling, what are we going to do with all that time?!

Retro is SOOO in at the moment (I mean cords, mullets and flared pants?!!), and while some of us have already done the 70s and 80s once, let's get old school and party like its 1999 - you know, like before we had smart phones and the interweb?!

Here's what we'll be doing...

Getting outside - as long as we head somewhere isolated, we are still self-isolating! So pack a bag, don'