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Save the Date Etiquette

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The ring is on your finger, you've chosen the date. It's too early for the official invitations - how do you let your family and friends know to save the date for your wedding day?!

A Save the Date Card!!

A pre-invitation wedding card that officially announces your wedding date, and let's your nearest and dearest clear that date in their calendar.

Save the Date cards are especially handy if you are planning a destination wedding or three day affair, as these require arrangements to be made in advance. Sending notice of your date early increase the chances of loved ones being able to attend!

save the date card by sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

How early is too early?!

Six to eight months prior to the day (or earlier for destination or holiday weekend), is ideal as it gives guests plenty of time to book travel, save money and ask for days off work. Send them too early and it might get thrown onto the bench and buried under Aldi catalogues.

Never send out any formal invitations before your date is set in stone. If you're unsure about what you need to have booked before you lock your date in check out Congratulations, You're Engaged

What should the card include?

Your names, wedding date (or dates if it's a weekend) and location (just the general area is fine). If you have a wedding website, then include that too. Don't include a gift registry - this should be done with the formal invitation closer to the date.

Who do we send them to?

Send them to the guests you definitely want to attend. Remember once sent there's no turning back!

How do we send them?

Everyone loves getting a formal invitation by snail mail, so even if you decide to send them electronically, send a hard copy too. Chances are that your older relatives will stash them away as a keepsake.

So where do we start?

This is your opportunity to have some fun! The card should reflect the vibe you are going for, but doesn't need to be as formal as the invitations. Include a gorgeous photo of the two of you (this is a great time to use those beautiful pre-wedding photos you received as part of your de lumière wedding collection!!), use the colour palette you have planned, along with any monograms you might be planning on using.

If you are all over the DIY and want to design the invitations yourselves - Canva is the bomb. Easy to use, and FREE!! Be warned though, Canva is addictive. Once you start you may not be able to stop.

Here's a couple I prepared earlier using Canva...

save the date card by sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

save the date card by sydney wedding photographer de lumiere photography

Alternatively if DIY terrifies you, then call on the experts...

mintedweddings are personalised invitations designed for you by professional artists and designers (please note these are printed invitations only)

etsy have a huge range of printable cards, and digital templates (if magnets are your thing you can even get save-the-date magnets!!)

paperless post have animated, digital invitations for those of you who prefer to send them by email

Finally, remember that the function of save-the-dates is to give your guests a glimpse of the wedding to come - romantic, fun, urban, quirky. Just have fun with it!

We are here to help!!

Looking for help on where to start when planning a wedding.

Or are you looking for ways to make your big day less stressful.

Maybe you want some ideas for your location portraits.

How about a list of Wedding Peeps (Vendors) we love hanging out with.

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