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How to plan a Wedding Day // Sydney Wedding Photographer

how to plan a wedding day timeline

Planning a successful wedding day timeline

The key to a successful wedding timeline is planning ahead.

Breaking down your wedding day into an organised timeline helps to keep everything on track when the big day arrives. The more detailed you can make the plan, the better.

There are tried and true timeline ‘secrets’, which when applied to YOUR day will ensure that the day runs smoothly.

We have compiled a guide to help you navigate the planning, along with a sample timeline, a blank timeline for you to complete, a vendor list and who to include in your formal photos.

what is a typical wedding timeline

Tips for a stress free day

Your wedding day will be a time for all sorts of emotions – stress, nerves, excitement, laughter and tears. To ensure that you will enjoy every single moment of your big day, it's important that your wedding day runs to plan.

Our focus when putting together a timeline for our bride and groom is to enable moments alone, along with time to mingle with their guests throughout the day.

Grab the guide to see how we ensure a stress free day for our couples.

planning a wedding day

What is a typical wedding timeline?

Below is a sample wedding day based on a 3.30pm ceremony start for a wedding held in summer during daylight savings.

As you can see in the sample timeline an average wedding (without including hair and make up time, talk to your professional to see how much time they will require prior to the photographer arriving) is about 12 hours. This is useful when you are chatting to a photographer and/or videographer, as you will know (based on your version of the timeline) how many hours you might need them for.

Included in our guide is a blank timeline, fill this out using our tips from the guide before you chat to your vendors and you'll be ahead of the game!

de lumiere photography wedding timeline sample

Whether you are planning on a morning celebration, an afternoon ceremony or a twilight party with friends a timeline will ensure that the day will run without any hiccups.

planning a wedding day

We're de lumière photography

Our calling is to tell your unique love story through vibrant and light-filled images. Treasure them as a true reflection of your special day. While you get lost in the moment, we work our magic with candid shots that capture the snippets of the day you’ll be talking about in years to come. ​ Letting the day unfold is our special ingredient. ​ We’re based in Sydney, but love working with couples in all corners of Australia and overseas. We'd love to share your journey too!

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