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Plan a Low Waste Wedding // Sydney Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

tips for an eco-friendly wedding de lumiere photography

Low Waste Wedding Ideas.

Did you know the average wedding emits 63 tons of CO2? That’s more than a single person emits in a full year! A wedding is one of the most important events in your life and unfortunately it can be one of the most wasteful.

Make your Wedding Day Count, for all the right reasons

Before you start planning the wedding of the century, stop and consider the cost that your day may have on the planet. Learn how to embrace low-waste principles to reduce the carbon footprint on your wedding day. Re-use instead of buying new, find out where to sell or donate your goods once your day is done, how to incorporate up-cycling, and get gorgeous multi-use ideas for decor.

low-waste diy wedding at statemine heritage park

Planning a wedding day is overwhelming at the best of times, where do you start?

Why not elope? Consider forgoing the wedding day in exchange for a more intimate affair with your nearest and dearest. Fewer guests mean less "stuff", rentals, place settings and flowers - think quality over quantity.

Minimising the environmental footprint of your wedding has never been easier, take a look at some tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding below!

The Venue

choose an all in one venue to reduce your wedding's carbon footprint

  • Choose an all in one venue, with accomodation, ceremony and reception options to reduce travel.

  • Find a venue that requires little decoration, think amazing forest, open fields, epic landscape.

  • Work with your caterer to source local and organic produce.


sydney wedding photographer

  • Most photographers offer an online gallery as part of their wedding collections. Check whether your photographer offers your printable images online and ditch the USB!

Embrace Simplicity and Ditch the Gifts

succulents used for eco-friendly wedding favours

  • Sponsor trees in the names of your guests.

  • Donate to a charitable organisation in your guests’ honour, and ditch the favours altogether!

  • If you are set on giving wedding gifts why not consider eco-friendly favours such as succulents, packets of seeds, or local honey.

The Rings

choose fair trade jewellers

  • Choose fair trade jewellers

  • Wear vintage pieces or choose an antique engagement ring

  • Repurpose existing jewellery

Use vendors who are local to your wedding

Local wedding vendors will be able to help you chase down eco-friendly options

Jennifer's Mother made her wedding cake

  • Your venue will have a list of vendors that they love working with in their local area.

  • Local vendors will be able to help you chase down eco-friendly options if you can't find them yourself easily.

  • Choose a florist who avoid using floral foam, or even better find a florist such as Floral by Nature. Their flowers are grown using organic methods, the way nature intended, without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides. And choose blooms that are in season around your wedding day.

  • Rally the women in your family to help you with your wedding cake - ask each of them to contribute one layer each. Imagine Nanna's fruit cake, Aunty's sponge, or Mum's mud cake.

Rent, not Buy

Buy a sample or pre-loved designer wedding dress online

  • Why not rent a wedding gown?

  • Buy a sample or pre-loved designer wedding dress online. We’re talking Galia Lahav, Grace Loves Lace, Berta, BHLDN and more. You'll be amazed what you can find.

  • Choose to up-cycle a family heirloom

  • Alternatively if you are as Vintage obsessed as I am, there is nothing more rewarding as scouring thrift stores and antique shops for a gown to give a new life to.

  • Second-hand stores are a great inspiration for DIY weddings, purchase items that you are likely to use again, or can re-sell.

Give your wedding a Second Life by donating or reselling

Give your wedding a Second Life by donating or reselling

  • Donate your wedding gown or suit to a charitable organisation - Angel Gowns Australia repurpose donated gowns into garments for babies that have passed away.

  • Repurpose your florals - Blue Mountains Floral Designs encourages repurposing by offering to pick the left over flowers the day after a wedding and making arrangements for local Nursing Homes.

  • Is there anything left-over that you can sell, donate or up-cycle? Don't let anything go to waste!


choose to have your honeymoon somewhere close without plane travel

  • Ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund instead of purchasing gifts

  • Head somewhere close by, without plane travel - we are seriously spoilt for choice in Australia!!

The little things

reduce your carbon footprint and choose eco-confetti

Amy made her own confetti with a punch and hundreds of eucalyptus leaves.

  • We love confetti - it makes for fun, romantic photos, why not consider eco-confetti?!

  • Ditch the paper invitations and email your save-the-dates and invitations, you could even allow your guests to choose their own seating and forgo the printed place settings, try something fun instead like a large leaf, or packet of seeds.

  • Think outside the box, table decorations could be lego creations made by the little people in your lives, old baths to keep the alcohol cold,

  • Box up leftovers for guests or donate them to a local food bank, encourage your relatives to take posies of flowers with them, ask guests to carpool, or organise a bus.

This Earth that we live on is precious, let's do all we can to preserve it!

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tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding

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