Photography 101 - How safe are your digital files?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We live in a digital age, where instant gratification is key.

No longer are we satisfied with a single moment captured and printed to be stored in a box that holds a childhood worth of memories. Ready to be pulled out and poured over by younger generations at family gatherings.

1970s image of two children sitting on grass

My sister and I in 1977 in front of Old Parliament House

Rather our memories are now sculpted or manipulated into perfection and stored on social media accounts, or in our phone, never to be seen again.

Digital cameras were first sold in 1990 with the storage capability of 1MB - but the technology landscape has changed every year in leaps and bounds. It's not uncommon now to be now using cameras with 40-50 times the size sensor of the first SLRs.

Do you remember Floppy Disks, or the first DVDs? Instead of kilobytes, we are now easily working in terabytes and think nothing of storing thousands of images just on our phone! Each year storage is becoming cheaper, and easier and we are consuming it at an astronomical rate.