A Mother's Day Gift that keeps on giving // Sydney Family Photographer

A Mother's Day Gift that keeps on giving

There are just 10 sleeps until Mother's Day!

Never fear we've got your back - de lumière photography has the perfect gift for Mother's Day, memories.

What better than the gift of moments? Captured to treasure for future generations.

And let’s be honest, it is too easy to allow Mum to remain behind the camera.

Scroll through your phone, how many photos is she present in? How many of the photos on your Dad's phone are of her and the kids? Look around your home, are there photos of her on display?

The excuses she will use to not be in the images are plentiful – I know as I use them often myself… I don’t like how I look today, the kids are more important, it’s easier if I take the photos, I will wait until I lose some weight, I’m too tired.

Take this opportunity to gift Mum something that she will cherish forever.