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Kate and Marc's Nielsen Park Beach Wedding Photography

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Such a gorgeous day with this couple... a relaxed beach style wedding on Sydney Harbour complete with a first look before the wedding ceremony.

Kate and Marc's beach wedding at The Nielsen photographed by de lumière photography

Kate and Marc chose to have a first look in the gardens of Vaucluse House before their ceremony.

So what exactly is a First Look?

The first look or reveal is organised prior to the ceremony, where the groom gets a glimpse of his bride for the first time in a private moment. It can be performed on a beach, in a private garden, or even on a mountain top and can include immediate family, the bridal party or just kept as an intimate moment for the bride and groom.

This moment doesn't replace the walking down the aisle experience but rather enhances it. They get two moments! One together in private, and the other in front of all their family and friends.

What are the advantages to a First Look?

Many couples are choosing to see each other prior to the ceremony, where traditionally it was considered bad luck. (This tradition of not seeing the bride prior to the ceremony dates back to the days of arranged marriages)

Consider how busy the day can get when you have friends and family to greet, location shoots, and the reception. The reveal is a quiet moment between the bride and groom where they can savour the experience rather than allowing nerves to take over in front of a room full of people.

A well planned first look:

  • Adds another memorable moment to the day

  • Takes pressure off a busy day

  • Ensures that the bride and groom get a few minutes to themselves in a day where everyone is vying for their attention

  • Adds another dimension to the photographic story of the wedding day

Bride's Wedding Gown : Wendy Makin

Brides Wedding Shoes : Shoes of Prey

Bridesmaids Gowns : Amsale

Groomswear : Paul Costelloe

Wedding Stationery : Minted

Wedding Rings : Larsen Jewellery

Wedding Celebrant : All We Need is Love

Wedding Florist : The Marmalade Sky

Wedding Cake : Baked by Gemma

Wedding Entertainment : Jazz Fever

Wedding Venue : The Nielsen

Wedding Reveal : Vaucluse House


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