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Honora's Sitter Session // Sydney Photographer

I love, all of these Sarah. You're fantastic at what you do. 

- Scarlet

Authentic photography that celebrates you just the way you are.

Scarlet came to us wanting natural, honest and artistic images of her and her daughter together, along with their two pups. They travelled all the way from Orange to a pine forest plantation at Shooter's Hill for the portrait session, which we had scheduled for the golden hour just before sundown.

Honora had just started to walk, and was keen to toddle around exploring, so we followed her lead for the most part, using bubbles, and song to capture her attention when necessary.

Quick Tips for a successful sitter session

1. Have realistic expectations - every toddler has a mind of their own, especially once they start walking. We allow an hour for our portrait sessions but realistically you will only get about 25 minutes tops out of your toddler.

2. Bring a selection favourite toys - bring a couple of your toddler's favourite toys with them, noisy ones are fantastic, or a favourite book. Try to avoid bub's blankie or sleeping toy as this usually signals the end of a shoot as bub will NOT want to let them go.

3. Have wet wipes and food handy - nobody likes a hangry baby!!

4. The best time for a sitter session is between 6-12 months when bub can sit on their own but are not yet confident walking.

5. Bubbles - we bring bubbles, and a couple of props to every session, bubbles are fantastic as a distraction (and gives dad something to do!!) and look amazing in that gorgeous golden light

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