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FREE Printable Baby Milestone Cards // Sydney Newborn Photographer

Updated: May 14, 2020

FREE printable baby milestones

These are just too cute not to share!

Before I was a photographer, I was a Designer (and before that a Nurse - but that's another story). I love getting my creative brain working so I set aside some time today to put together a set of Baby Milestone Cards (something I have been meaning to do for ages!!).

And they are just SOOO cute that I decided that they had to be shared!! So the first set of milestone months are available for you to download for FREE!!

printable baby milestones de lumiere photography

There are a total of thirteen cards in the download, each measuring 5″ x 7″ (127mm x 178mm)

Baby Milestone Cards - downloadable and printable

When my girls were little I was vigilant about keeping a baby book and writing in it. By the time the youngest came along though, poor kid, I filled in his name and that was about as far as I got!

One thing we're never without now though are our phones. And let’s face it – this generation isn’t going to be camera shy - documenting your sweet babe's milestones has never been easier (or more adorable)!

Once you have your download you can print them at home or take them to your local print store. You will need to print them on a thicker card stock, I used 200 gsm for these. Even thicker would be fine as long as your printer is able to take a heavier card. I then used a trimmer to cut them out.

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I enjoyed creating them!

I would love to know how you got along with your cards. Share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag # delumierebaby or tag us @delumierephotography on Facebook.

printable baby milestones de lumiere photography

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