Dreamy Extended Family Portrait Session // Sydney Photographer

Extended family portrait photography

A Mother's Day Gift results in a Dreamy Extended Portrait Session

Rebecca was gifted a de lumière portrait session for Mother's Day to update the images of her gorgeous family, along with Nanna!

Sarah met them at Yarrramundi River early on a misty Saturday morning armed with her trusty bag of goodies and boy are we glad she did because Zoe and Declan were not convinced that having their photos taken was a good idea.

Hang on, what's in Sarah's goody bag?!

As a parent herself Sarah knows that kids can take some time to warm up so she always packs bubbles, a couple of books, and some toys to play with. It just so happened that one of the books was The Very Cranky Bear - Zoe and Declan's FAVOURITE book.

After some coaxing Declan sat and read with Zoe, and then forgot completely that he was shy and moved on to giggling and popping bubbles with gusto.