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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

If you've been to the shops lately - or lets face it, just about anywhere - you're probably aware that Valentine's Day is coming up FAST.

Heads up guys, it's THIS Friday. Yep, two sleeps away.

So we're sitting here wondering what to write about Valentine's Day.

"Don't forget the roses" might work, or "make sure to buy those expensive chocolates" - you know the ones, they are actually awful, but they do come in a GIANT box with a ribbon and a heart shaped card and really, what says "I love you" more than that, right?!

We aren't going to tell you any of that because, well, commercialism.

Instead we made the mistake of googling Where did Valentine's Day originate.

There are some things that once you know, you can't un-know and once you do, you'll wonder why that giant heart shaped box was the best selling Valentines gift of 2020.

So here goes, Valentine's Day was named after Saint Valentine a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century, who as it turns out was a die-hard romantic.

The Emperor at the time (who was a strict pagan) decided that Roman Soldiers should be completely devoted to Rome and passed a law that soldiers were not allowed to marry in Christian ceremonies. Saint Valentine (the romantic) began marrying the soldiers to their loves in secret.