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Capturing your Newborn at Home // Sydney Photographer

sydney newborn photographer de lumiere photography

Don't let the days pass you by...

Your baby will only be tiny for such a short time so it’s incredibly important to create lasting memories - their beautiful beginning, their very first life experiences.

It's so easy to let the days pass in a sleep deprived haze as its just another thing to do in a long, long list - I understand completely!! Newborns are hard work.

So how on earth do you fit in taking photos.

sydney newborn photographer de lumiere photography

A downloadable guide with handy tips and tricks

While we may be unable to photograph your new addition (for the moment), we wanted to pass along some of our expertise so you can capture these fleeting moments - at home - with whatever camera you own. Some of the most precious moments of our families are captured on our phone - images that show their personality, the mess and a little bit of the

everyday crazy.

Throughout the guide, you will find a series of tips and ideas on how to capture all the amazing moments.

Use the camera you have

Something to keep in mind ... the images you take, are the ones that are meant to be. A snapshot of a moment in time. Use the camera you have (yep, you are holding a camera right now - your phone) and take all the images. Perfect, or imperfect.

The imperfect images are some of our favourites!

sydney newborn photographer de lumiere photography

Before you start

Remember that you are capturing memories that will be cherished by your kids forever. Relax and try to just go with the flow. If you get frustrated, stop and try again later. Bub will pick up on your mood.

sydney newborn photographer de lumiere photography

Have fun!

Enjoy taking photos of your gorgeous little person, get creative, think outside the box, make dad take some images of you, share you favourite images with your family and friends, and print them. Put the moments on your wall, make an album, gift Grandparents with the images. I promise you they will cherish them forever.

If you are looking for inspiration you can head to our Facebook page, Instagram, or you can email us if you need some help!

And when you are ready for a professional portrait session we would love to tell your story.

sydney newborn photographer de lumiere photography

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