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Baby Aston // Sydney Newborn Photography

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Aston's at home Newborn Photography Session

Capturing portraits in the family home is our preference as we are able to document our families in their own environment. And here at de lumière photography we love meeting new families, especially when they are as adorable as these guys!

Luca was especially enamoured of his new little brother and just wanted to love all over him. We started with family portraits as Dad had to head to work, and it gives us an opportunity to capture some moments of Luca while he is still excited to participate.

It wasn't long before Luca became distracted, wandering off to play with his toys and we were able to focus on Aston, settling and wrapping him for his portraits.

Aston was an angel to photograph as he slept his way through the session!

The Baby Whisperer

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a truly life-changing experience. Capturing this moment of love, amazement and vulnerability in all its facets is where we come in. Opting for professional photography to capture the raw beauty of your little one’s first few days is one of the best investments you can make.

The best time to capture your newborn is within the first 14 days of their life. That’s when your newborn still confuses day and night, spoils you with the cutest facial expressions and curls up in that signature position. It’s best to plan ahead and book a tentative date while you are pregnant that we can firm up once your precious bub has arrived.

Many families choose to combine their newborn shoot with a mini family session so you get the best of both worlds. In the first part of the shoot, it’s all about your newborn. We’ll use accessories and props to create truly stunning photos with your bub taking centre stage. The second part is all about those family cuddles and capturing the excitement of parents, siblings and any extended family or pets.

We allow up to 3 hours for your professional newborn photography session, which takes the pressure off and puts everyone at ease that we’ll get the perfect shot. We know that bub needs to feed and might decide to play up. Rest assured that years of newborn photography have turned us into baby whisperers with a magical skill to please even the fussiest of newborns.

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