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All the Feels - See how Michael pulled off the perfect secret proposal

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It’s no secret that Valentines Day is just around the corner. And we are all romantics at heart, right? So what is more romantic than surprising your special person with a proposal?

But how? How do you propose when the love of your life may be expecting it, doesn’t that ruin the moment? What if something goes wrong? Where do you start?

Michael knew exactly what to do...

Picture this, it’s Amelia’s birthday, and Michael suggests a weekend escape “lets head up to the Blue Mountains for a weekend away to celebrate”, the tone is set, but how to capture the moment? That’s where we come in! Michael contacted us first to see if we could help him put together the perfect proposal, and together we came up with a plan.

Booking accommodation at the romantic Blue Mountains getaway Eagle View Escape was the first step, as Michael was able to tell Amelia that a couple portrait session with de lumière photography was included with their accomodation. And with the help of a cleverly disguised gift certificate, the plan was set.

We are lucky to work with a wonderful range of local Blue Mountains vendors and so we went straight to Jackie from Wild Blue Studio as Michael wanted to go all out to impress Amelia.

Thankfully, Michael was very aware of what his future bride liked and was able to tell us exactly what he had envisaged. Jackie, being the ultimate professional, ran with the soft, romantic feel that Michael wanted and ensured that there were pillar candles, beautiful bouquets of flowers in Amelia’s favourite colours and a stunning Turkish rug.

wild blue studio styled proposal sydney engagement photographer de lumiere photography

Disguising a secret proposal as a portrait shoot guarantees that your bride will have the opportunity to look their best and we can guarantee that your special someone will thank you for this in years to come.

couple embracing sydney engagement photographer

Michael wanted to propose at sunset overlooking the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains. So Jackie and I met up before the proposal was scheduled so that we could choose the perfect location.

On the afternoon of the proposal, Amelia and Michael met us at at one of our favourite Blue Mountains locations, with the plan to end the shoot at sunset. We had a blast exploring some of our favourite sun soaked locations for portraits, I even broke out some smoke bombs!

couple in sunlit haze sydney wedding photographer

Meanwhile, Jackie was madly setting up the proposal site, rug in place, flowers arranged, candles lit and lit again (thanks to the wind!) and was crazily shooing people away from the area. Finally, the text came through, and Jackie was ready to go (Jackie quickly ducked into the bushes to hide).

Preparing our couple with an “ok, I just need to make sure that there’s no tourists in the way, because you are about to see the best Blue Mountains sunset that we have to offer and I want to make sure I catch the looks on your faces” I dart up the hill, double check with Jackie and tell the couple that it was safe to head up. Rounding the corner and seeing what Michael had organised, Amelia's eyes filled with tears (there may have been something in my eyes too).

surprise proposal sydney wedding photographer

Michael knelt on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. There were more tears, and a resounding "Yes" from Amelia. They celebrated with a glass of champagne, and cheers of excitement from all of us (Jackie popped up from her hiding place at this point).

surprise proposal sydney wedding photographer
surprise proposal sydney wedding photographer
surprise proposal sydney wedding photographer
surprise proposal blue mountains sydney wedding photographer

Michael’s attention to detail (he helped to design the ring!!) was outstanding, he knew exactly what Amelia loved to make her dreams come true, and we were able to capture their special moment for years to come.

surprise proposal engagement ring sydney wedding photographer
surprise proposal sydney wedding photographer

If you are thinking about a secret proposal this Valentines day, take a leaf out of Michael's book and take the time to find out exactly what your partner loves, then take it to the next level and enlist professionals to help with the details.

Thinking about proposing to your special someone? Please get in touch, we’d love to tell your story!

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