11 Reasons to Visit the Blue Mountains

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The catastrophic fires that recently surrounded our beautiful Blue Mountains are OUT and the rains have stopped. The restrictions have lifted, the sun is out, and the mountains are sparkling.

It has been a tough year, it's not just the loss of property, lives and animals, that devastation goes without saying, but the residents and local businesses, are really doing it tough. One of our most popular resorts was at just 10% capacity at a time of year where they are normally overflowing.

It’s no surprise then that the mountains been quiet of late, when you looked at a map it would appear that the mountains were surrounded by fire. It was honestly quite scary, smoky and it was terribly quiet. Hotels were empty, Airbnb’s and holiday home bookings were cancelled, the stores and streets were empty at what is usually our busiest time. It meant that casual staff went without work and the cafés were screaming for customers to walk through their doors, many chose where possible to just remain closed.

The Blue Mountains bushfires

BUT the fires officially out, the air is clear and we are SO READY to see everyone again. And with the recent rain our waterfalls are insanely stunning right now.

So now is the time, throw the esky in the car, load up the family and