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Taking the awkward out of professional photography
since 2005.

de lumière , Sydney Photographer


Genuine Moments

Standout photographers take years to find their signature style and work tirelessly to perfect it

de lumière photography is a close-knit team of like-minded creatives, all with the same keen eye for the perfect shot and a lifetime of experience under our belts.


We focus on what will matter to you in years to come rather than this year’s hottest photography trend.


It’s about the moment your mother tears up watching you walk down the aisle or the first smile that you exchange as a newlywed couple.


It’s about capturing those first precious days in a newborn’s life or celebrating that family milestone you want to cherish forever.

We’d be honoured to share life’s priceless moments with you.


Natural wedding photography that treasures real moments

We’re with you in the lead-up to your big day, we’re present while the magic happens and later when it comes to falling in love with your wedding photos.


Letting the day unfold is our special ingredient for images that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.


Authentic family photography that captures the real you

Trusting someone to experience life’s most important and, at times, vulnerable moments with you is a big deal.


We’re here to listen to your story and put you at ease ensuring that we’ll capture the perfect shot.


Are you worried about your screaming newborn or toddler tantrums? Believe us; we’ve seen it all.


We thrive on telling the story of parenthood and family life in shots that will take you back in time - and make you smile.

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